VMware Fusion2 virtuelle Maschine für alle Benutzer


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hatte das Problem, EIN virtuelles XP für alle Benutzer unter 10.4.11 einzurichten.

Von Support dazu hier die Lösung:

To access Virtual Machine from another User Account, please follow the instructions provided below:

1) Login to Mac system, with your User ID.
2) Copy your Virtual Machine (VM) from the following path to the hard drive of the local machine: /Users/< User Name>/Documents/Virtual Machine
3) Right click on .vmwarevm file, and select Get Info.
4) Click on details in the Get info pane.
5) From the File name, remove the .vmwarevm extension. The system will now display the file as a folder.
[Anmerkung: Dafür haben ich die root-Rechte benötigt]
6) Right click the folder, and select Get Info.
7) Select the options in the Get Info window as given below:
a. Group as "everyone"
b. Access as "Read & Write"
c. Others as "Read & Write"
8) Click Apply to enclosed items. The system will now prompt for authentication to apply the new permissions, prompting, "Please key-in your User id and Password".
9) Now, change the package extension to .vmwarevm in the Get Info window.
[Anmerkung: Dafür haben ich die root-Rechte benötigt]
10) Close the Get Info window.
11) Log off from your account.
12) Log in to the other Account to which access has been granted.
13) Launch VMware Fusion application and run Windows VM from the hard drive of your local machine.

Ja das geht jetzt für alle Benutzer ohne Probleme

Gruß Eckehard