Neue Sicherheitslösung für OS X Leopard

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    Apple hat eine neue Sicherheitslösung für den Leopard angekündigt: Das für TrustBSD entwickelte MAC-Framework.

    "Security Enhancements

    Leopard brings several new security enhancements to Mac OS X. The first of these is the adoption of the Mandatory Access Control (MAC) framework. This framework, original developed for TrustedBSD, provides a fine-grained security architecture for controlling the execution of processes at the kernel level. This enables sandboxing support in Leopard. By sandboxing an application, using a text profile, you can limit an application to being able to just access only the system features, such as disk or the network, that you permit.

    Also new in Leopard is code signing. This means that Leopard will be able to identify applications by using digital signatures and then use that identification to base trust decisions on."
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