iPhone in Italien ohne Gebührenbeteiligung?

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    3G iPhone confirmed in Italy without revenue sharing?

    by Thomas Ricker, posted Apr 21st 2008 at 5:51AM
    We've been avoiding the 3G iPhone rumor mongering as much as possible recently. After all, we know it's coming as both AT&T and Apple have confirmed. Now this: one of Italy's most respected newspapers, La Repubblica (like the WSJ with red sauce), is claiming in no uncertain terms that the 3G iPhone is coming shortly to Telecom Italia without a revenue sharing deal and without long-term exclusivity.

    und hier auszugsweise das, was Babelfish aus dem Original-Artikel in der "Repubblica" macht:

    The iPhone it arrives in Italy
    Telecom has already signed
    Jobs has been convinced to change the strategy that has carried to the happened one of the telephone
    Nothing comes to an agreement in exclusive right and nothing percentage on the traffic generated from every customers
    2) the agreement with Telecom Italy will not be based on ' revenue sharing': nothing more percentages on the traffic but a higher selling price. And not little.
    3) Finally, not an agreement of exclusive right with Telecom Italy

    Einiges unklar, nicht?

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