Ex Pc frstrated with Power Book G4

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  1. p_newman

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    Hi there,

    I’m one of the many people who changed their pc for a macintosh. One year ago. I was curious. People said many wonderful things about the apple computers. Now, after 1 year working with it, I must give voice for my most profound disappointment.

    The so applauded integration between hard & software seems a hoax:
    • A cellphone cannot be syncronized with entourage,
    • the audio without an extra pair of boxes is an insult to everyone’s ears,
    • working with graphical programs such as photoshop or illustrator is nearly
    impossible, unless you have a second screen, to connect,
    • cds or dvds have the unpleasant tendency to remain trapped in the drive and you have to relaunch the computer to get them out,
    • mysterious calculations block any access during minutes and minutes, whith
    only one little program like“Word” open, eventually concluding with my favourite “the application has unexpecedly quit…!”
    • The rasterizing of an eps is about twenty times longer than with a pc,
    • All in all, the machine (power book) is so slow, compared to pc pace,
    • many for pc users so obvious commands are not accessible,
    • and even controlling the cursor makes me look like a mental case! Why the hell are apple cursors accellarating differently? I’ve tried several mouses!

    I wouldn’t be so upset if it wasn’t for the hundreds of failures. “The
    application has unexpectedly quit – ok”…say no more! I’m sure to have lost hours of work due to that unmotivated unexpected quitting!

    Another exasperating tragedy is the (inexisting) customer service here in spain. A couple of months ago I’ve lost the “d” on my keyboard. Something fell on it and the key went off. No problem, I thought. I went to the service center in Barcelona (where I live) and they tell me they’ll have to send the whole computer to Madrid. It would take “a couple of weeks” as they assure. A couple of weeks!!!! I’m supposed to live without a computer (rather important for my work) for a couple of weeks, only to pop in a stupid letter in my keyboard!!!

    After all, the guarantee has expired (it wouldn’t have been of any use anyway) and I’m about to throw this rather expensive powerbook against the wall! I’m sad for having believed the fairy tales, that are suggested by other people and apple's advertisements. I bought it, I thought changing into a better computer and now I feel betrayed, disappointed, deserted and ripped off!

    If I send this complaint, it is because I still hope that all this
    frustration is due to some stupid error in the configuration of the machine.
    Please help me. Please convince me that my powerbook is a good computer! I do not trust apple representatives here in the city. I have tried their help and all they tell me is to send the machine to Madrid for weeks. By the way, ALL these apple shops in Barcelona are closing on saturdays!!! How is one supposed to repair his machine, if your retailers and service centers never open up for working people?!)

    In hope for a response,

  2. elim

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    Bill, bist Du's? :D
  3. Shooter

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    Well I can tell you, that I had several similar problems with my powermac G4 MDD when I installed a 3rd party DVD-writer. I first had to update its firmware to avoid the "unexpected quitting" and rather mysterious background calculating.

    Another thing might be, that you've installed incompatible RAM or that you are running cracked software (no offense! I just try to give you ideas).

    First thing first you should've send the powerbook in for a warranty issue when it was still on.
    The "CD/DVD munching" seems to be a failure during fabrication... On of my G3 iMacs does the same and I had to open the machine to fix the problem properly!

    anyways, the thing about your "D" key is absolutly unbelivable . Would get me waaaaay mad as well! Hope you find a way to fix it without failing work for too long!
  4. avalon

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    Hi p_newman,

    i think it is difficult to explain all the fixes in english.
    Are you able to read german.

    Many of the problems you posted, are fixed.

    Try the search function (german = suchen).

    May be some problems you have, depends on bad RAM.
    Try to change RAM, if you have buy new RAM.

    Other solutions are:

    PRAM reset
    harddisk utility programm
    repairing Volume access authorization
    download ONYX from defekter Link entfernt
    this is a repairing utility

    I think, your PB is bad configured.

    PS Doublepostings are not allowed

    so long avalon
  5. Shetty

    Shetty MacUser Mitglied

    Mitglied seit:
    If you are angry that you cannot play ".EXE"-Files with your Powerbook, I suggest you send it to me to get rid of this annoying piece of hardware.
  6. Dr. Snuggles

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    Hier geht es weiter klick
    Gruss Snuggles:)
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