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    hey leute !

    hab so mittlerweile drei Chatprogramme , dadrunter auch amsn .
    Jetzt hab ich schon eine ganze Zeit lang versucht meine webcam
    (isight - keine integrierte) zum laufen zu kriegen ...

    auf der Fehlersuche bin ich hier gelandet :

    " You are firewalled or behind a router

    If you are unable to view a webcam in aMSN after a contact has send you an invite, or after you have issued the command to receive/send webcam, and you are behind a router, you may need to follow these steps:

    If you receive: IP-Restrict-NAT and you receive false in webcam wizard, that means your connection is firewalled. (does not send the IP)

    If this is the case, you will need to open some ports for the webcam to use because they are currently blocked.

    To do this, open your router web-based configuration (check router manual for details on this). Once you have the web-based configuration open, browse for a setting called "port forwarding" or "port range forwarding" or something similar to that. (This might be found under the advanced features for your router).

    Now that you have the port forwarding page open, you will want to set the port forwarding range so that aMSN will be able to accept and send the webcam stream.
    Here's an example of how you will set up your port forwarding:

    Application: aMSN
    Start: 6890
    End: 6900
    Protocol: Both(TCP & UDP)
    Enabled: X (Yes/True)

    Note: is the IP of your machine that you are trying to send / receive webcam

    If you have a web server open on your port 80, you can try to disable it too, sometimes it helps.

    General port instructions for Apple Airport Base Station or Airport Express (of course, use ports 6891 to 6900 in the configurations) "

    mein Englisch reicht aus um es zu verstehen aber mir mangelt es ander Umsetzung :D

    bin sehr dankbar für tipp oder der gleichen !!

    grüße omni
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