4GB - File auf 6 CDs unterbringen?

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    Hat einer nen Tipp, wie ich ein 4GB großes File auf 6 CDs unterbringe? Sitze in der Agentur und habe keine DVD-Rohlinge mehr, und heut haben natürlich die Läden zu :o . Externe Festplatte liegt daheim :o

    Stuffit Vollversion hab ich leider net, da ich immer alles mit OSX zippe…
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    Vllt. hilft dir dieses Programm: machacha
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    Mit SimplyRAR in mehrere kleine RAR-Files splitten.
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    Aus der Toast-7-Hilfe:
    If you are creating a Mac Only data disc and the files and folders you are recording exceed the capacity of a single CD or DVD, Toast will automatically span this data across multiple discs.
    To span discs:
    1 Prepare your disc as you normally would. See Making a Mac Only Disc.
    As you add data to the Content Area, the left drawer will display information about the number of discs you will need for recording. Click the CD/DVD pop-up menu next to the Space indicator to adjust the information for CD or DVD media.
    2 Record your disc.
    Toast will prompt you to insert each blank disc while recording.
    The completed group of discs is called a disc set. Each disc in the set contains an index of the contents and location for every file and folder in the set. Each disc also contains a small software application called Roxio Restore, which runs on Mac OS X v10.3 or higher. This software can be used to easily restore an individual file, a folder, or the entire disc set.
    To not span discs:
    • To not have your data spanned across discs, remove files or folders from the Content Area until the left drawer indicates that the contents will fit on a single disc.
    To access your files and folders (using Mac OS X v10.3 or higher):
    1 Insert any disc from the set into a Macintosh computer.
    You will see the Roxio Restore application and a folder containing a portion of the data in the disc set.
    2 Launch the Roxio Restore application.
    You will see a directory of every folder and file in the disc set - in the same order and hierarchy as they were when you recorded the discs.
    3 Browse to the file or folder you want to restore, select the item and click Restore.
    If the desired file or folder is not on the current disc, the restore software prompts you to insert the correct disc. You can also restore the entire disc set.
    Toast does not need to be installed on the computer to restore.
    Some individual files may exceed the capacity of a single CD or DVD and will be split into multiple files. The restore software automatically joins these split files back together.
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    mit toast 7 geht es: disk spanning
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