SATA Controller (ACARD 6890M) bootet unter 10.4.6 nicht mehr

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    Seit meinem Systemupdate von Mac OS X Server 10.4.5 auf 10.4.6, bootet mein System nicht mehr. Es liegt wohl daran, dass Apple den Treiber für den Controller ersetzt hat.

    Acard schlägt folgenden Weg vor:

    Sorry for the problem encountering, we've just found the problem. And we already contact Apple to update new driver to the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5.
    Here is a temporary solution for you to solve the problem.
    Whatever your testing result is, please kindly let us know.

    1. Keep the DIP switch on the original RAID mode

    2. Boot from the onboard hard drive or another bootable volume.

    3. Backup all the important data in the hard drives of the RAID controller.

    4. Execute the RAID utility to delete the previous array config.

    5. Restart after deleting and check if the RAID status is good.

    6. Boot from the Mac OS X 10.4.n installation DISC

    7. Execute the Disk Utility to reinitialize the RAID volume.

    8. Quit the Disk Utility and then to install OS to the RAID volume

    9. Complete the OS installation and boot from the RAID volume

    10. Upgrade Mac OS X to Mac OS X 10.4.6 using the combo update patch downloaded from Apple.

    11. After OS upgrading, please "DO NOT" restart the computer at this moment". You have to update the driver for your RAID controller first.

    12. After driver updating, please quit the driver installation wizard. You are now allowed to restart the computer.

    Note: Whenever you attempt to upgrade Mac OS X 10.4.n, please don't forget to follow steps 10~12 to do the update in order to avoid the problem. Again, we are very sorry for the problem perplexing you.

    Möchte aber nur im Notfall neu installieren. Habe folgendes schon versucht:

    Downgrade auf 10.4.4 mit Combo Update, vor dem reboot den ACARD AEC-6890M Driver V. 1.5.7 eingespielt. Resultat: jetzt fängt er an zu booten hängt sich aber doch weg.

    Mein System:
    Power Macintosh G4 (Digital Audio)
    Mac OS X Server 10.4.6
    ACARD AEC-6890M Driver V. 1.5.7
    68xxM RAID Utility _v2.04
    Hard Drive 2x 400 GB (raid1)
    WD Caviar RE2 16 MB Cache
    RAM 1.12 GB
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    Also wenn dir das in irgend einer weise weiter hilft:
    In meinem G4 laeuft eine 6290M ohne Probleme unter 10.4.6.
  3. raid0

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    Mit oder ohne Raid?
  4. lol

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    Das ist dein Modell, ohne RAID Funktionalitaet
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