Win XP "von hand" mit SP2 vereinen?

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    hallo, ich habe ein original Win XP Home und möchte es mit SP2 auf einer CD vereinen. möchte gerne Win XP auf meinem MacBook betreiben. kann ich dies von hand machen, sprich alles in einen ordner zusammenfassen und dann als iso brennen oder brauche ich dafür ein besonderes programm? und wenn es von hand geht, wie erstelle ich eine iso datei?
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    nimm "nLite" (nur unter win!)

    damit gehts super einfach... der kombiniert dir xp und sp2 und erstellt ne iso... die dann mit nero brennen und feddich...
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    wenn du mal in google suchst "service pack windows cd" oder sowas, findest du bestimmt ne anleitung. man muss eigentlich nur die windows cd auf die festplatte kopieren und das service pack mit einem bestimmten switch starten, und danach das ganze auf cd backen
  4. muppe

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    ein switch? was ist ein switch? habe leider z.Z. kein Win in der nähe und müsste es über Mac OS X machen. habe Win XP und das SP schon auf der platte.
  5. SelonScience

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    Integrating SP2 With Windows XP CD

    Wednesday, 28. September 2005, 19:36:49
    In this post I will show you how to integrate SP2 with Windows XP. This process is called slipstreaming
    This is a feature in windows from the time of Windows 2000 onwards

    Step 1: Copy your XP CD-ROM contents to the hard drive
    First, you need to find your Windows XP CD-ROM (any bootable and/or retail version; including Full and Upgrade versions; XP
    Home or Pro "gold" release) and copy the contents of the CD to your hard drive. Create a folder in the root of your C: drive
    Called xp (C:\xp) and use My Computer to simply drag and drop the files between the two locations.

    Step 2: Get XP SP2
    While this is copying, obtain the Full Network Install version of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (272 MB), which you can download
    From the Microsoft Web site or copy from the Windows XP SP2 CD-ROM. The download version of this file is named
    WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe, while the CD version is called xpsp2.exe. However, both are identical, save for the name. For

    This reason, I will refer to the simpler xpsp2.exe below, but you can substitute WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe for that (You

    Can also rename WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe to xpsp2.exe if you'd like). Now, create a new folder called sp2 on the C
    Drive (C:\sp2) and then copy this file to that location.
    Step 3: Combine XP with SP2
    Now, you need to bring up a command line window by navigating to Start, and then Run, and typing "cmd" (no quotes); then hit
    ENTER. In the command line window, type the following (where [ENTER] means hit the ENTER key):
    cd \ [ENTER]
    cd sp2 [ENTER]
    xpsp2.exe /integrate:c:\xp [ENTER]

    First, an Extract dialog box will come up and extract the files contained within xpsp2.exe. Then, XP SP2 Setup will combine,
    or slipstream, the SP2 files into the XP install, as shown in this figure:
    When it's completed, you'll see this dialog box. Click OK, and then close the command line window. If you don't see this
    Dialog, you've done something wrong. Ensure that the command line entries you've used are correct.

    Step 4: Extract a file needed to make your new CD bootable
    Before we simply burn the resulting file set to a CD, we need to make sure we have a hidden file found on your XP CD-ROM that

    Will make your new CD bootable. We can't grab this file with My Computer, but will instead use a shareware tool called
    ISOBuster, which you can find on the Smart Projects Web site. The latest version at the time of this writing is 1.6.
    After you download and install ISOBuster, choose to use only the product's free functionality, unless you decide to purchase
    It, which wouldn't be a bad idea. The ISOBuster UI will resemble the following (assuming you've left your XP CD in the CD-ROM


    On the left-side tree view, make sure you have selected the node named Bootable CD. You should see a file called Microsoft
    Corporation.img (or similar; it will be named something.img) in the right side of ISOBuster. This is the file you need to
    extract. To do so, right-click and choose Extract Microsoft Corporation.img. When ISOBuster prompts you, choose to download
    It to the root of your C: drive. Now you can close ISOBuster.
    Step 5: Make a bootable XP SP2 CD
    Start My Computer and make a note of the name of your Windows XP CD (my CD happens to be named WXPVOL_EN because it's a
    volume licensed version of XP Pro, but yours will likely be different). Then, eject the XP CD and place a burnable CD (CD-R
    or CD-RW) in your CD burner, and dismiss any autorun dialog boxes XP might display.
    Now, you're ready to burn your new, bootable Windows XP SP2 CD. How you do this will depend on the CD writing software you
    Step 5: Make a bootable XP SP2 CD with Nero Burning ROM 6
    First, start Nero Burning ROM and choose CD-ROM (Boot) from the New Compilation's Boot page. Then, under "Source of boot
    Image data," choose "Image file" and select C:\Microsoft Corporation.img by clicking the Browse button. Then, select the
    Options titled “Enable expert settings (for advanced users only)” and change "Kind of emulation" to No Emulation, and change
    “Number of loaded sectors" to 4. The "Load segment of sectors" option should remain at its default value of 07C0. When this
    Step is completed; the Nero Burning ROM application should resemble the following:

    Now, select the Label page in Nero Burning ROM. Under "Volume label, ISO 9660" enter the name of your CD (WXPVOL_EN in my
    Case). When completed, this page of the dialog should resemble the following:

    Now, click the new button. The New Compilation dialog disappears and the main window of Nero Burning ROM is available, as
    Shown here.

    On the right side of the application, in the File Browser area, navigate to C:\xp. Then, select all of the files inside of
    That directory and copy them over to the new CD, as shown here:
    Once the CD is created, you should test it on a non-critical system or in a virtual machine such as those used by Microsoft
    Virtual PC and VMWare Workstation. Depending on the environment you choose, the CD should either boot automatically, or you
    Will see a note asking you to press any key to install. Use the CD to install Windows XP with SP2 to make sure it's working
    Correctly. Most important, perhaps, ensure that the version of XP you've installed is SP2. To do so, go to Start, then Run,
    And type "winver" (no quotes) and hit ENTER. The SP2 version number is 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158: Service Pack

    When you're done testing, you should consider backing up the newly created CD, and deleting the cruft you've added to your
    Hard drive, specifically C:\Microsoft Corporation.img, and the directories C:\xp and C:\sp2.
  6. muppe

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    geht ja mit Mac OS X schlecht :D
    gibt es kein programm für Mac?
  7. SelonScience

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    ich denke nicht, dass es auf mac geht :(

    jedenfalls nicht so einfach: du must update.exe ausführen aus dem i386/update folder :(
  8. muppe

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    werde dann wohl erst paralles aufspielen und dann die integration dort machen.
  9. muppe

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    so, wollte SP2 in Win XP einbauen, aber es gab eine fehlermeldung. das Service Pack kann nicht integriert werden, weil schon updates im windows ordner vorhanden sind. aber ich habe nur ein Windows XP home edition ohne jeweilige Service Packs...
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