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Hi, there!

I'm moving with my wife to Germany (finally!!). I have almost brand new iMac G4 with Superdrive and I would like to take it with me. I hope someone can tell me about possible problems with external video signal compatibility and possible problems with region protection on DVD-R.
BTW, does Apple have worldwide warranty at all?

Please, help poor recent switcher from Windows!!!

wecome to germany


congratulation to your "superdrived" iMac. I think you'll have no problems with external video signals, ones a video is on the computer (through FireWire or converter) it doesn't matter if it's NTSC or PAL.

The AppleDVD-Player could be a problem, Apple wants you to set the regioncode, you could change this fife times (I think), but after the last set it won't accept a DVD with a different regioncode.

I don't know if there is a regionfree-solution supported by Apple :(

But you will need a new powerjack (or powercable?) for your iMac, and you have to set the power input from 110V=(AC) to 240V?(DC)!

[oder hat der iMac ein externes Netzteil und der Gute braucht ein neues Europäisches???]

greetz lost
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Hi poksi592,
welcome to Germany and at Macuser.de
I only know that PB have Wordwide warranty.
And if i get a new MAC in Germany i dont get a Warranty in the USA.
But i hope there is no reason to need this warranty
Ok then have a good time here, and a lot fun with
your i-Mac .
Hey man, welcome to Germany. Hope you'll enjoy it in "old Europe" ;)

About your questions: You shouldn't have any trouble with your iMac over here and as far as I know, you have worldwide warranty. I'm not sure about that last part though, you might wanna check back with Apple Germany or Apple USA on this one.
DVDs will be just fine, you'll have to change the RCODE to region 2 though which means that region 1,3,4 and 5 DVDs won't work anymore. You can do that five times, the fifth one will be unchangable.

PS: Where abouts ya movin'?
Or you could use VLC, that little gem of programing art doesn't care about the RC and you can even take screenshots of DVD's.http://www.videolan.org

You only need a new powercord, because the powersupply can autoadjust to 220V.
Hi poksi,
a short list of applications can help you handle the regioncode problem of your DVD drive:
DVD ToolKit
and DVDack

DVDack resets the regioncode change counter so you can change the RC as often as you like.

For downloads search at versiontracker.com or at least with google.de. You might find a download for OS X or 9.

Jörg :)