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    Was haltet ihr von diesem Programm.

    defekter Link entfernt

    Hier der Beschrieb, man muss ja nicht immer gleich alles runterladen.

    ScreenCleaner Pro 1.0.0

    Over time, your LCD or CRT monitor will gradually fade in brightness and contrast. This fading is inevitable, because the backlights for LCD screens eventually fade, and the photo-reactive substrate on CRT monitors eventually degrades.

    ScreenCleaner Pro rectifies this situation by altering the gamma of your monitor to compensate for monitor degradation, so it will look as good as new. Don't toss out that old monitor, just run ScreenCleaner Pro on it, and watch your old monitor gain a new life.

    Simply let ScreenCleaner Pro run in the background, and it will automatically analyze your monitor's gamma curve and relative luminescence. After enough calibration data has been collected, ScreenCleaner Pro will adjust your monitor to like-new condition.

    The analyzation/calibration process can take up to 10 minutes, but you can work normally while ScreenCleaner Pro is analyzing your monitor; simply let it run in the background.

    Instructions for Use

    1) ScreenCleaner Pro requires MacOS X 10.2 or later

    2) Launch the ScreenCleaner Pro application by double-clicking on its icon

    3) ScreenCleaner Pro will then begin analyzing your monitor; this can take up to 10 minutes, because a good data sample is required for proper calibration. While it is analyzing your monitor, simply continue to work as normal, ScreenCleaner Pro will not interfere with your computer usage.

    4) Once a large enough sample has been collected for calibration, ScreenCleaner Pro will then restore your monitor to like-new condition before your eyes.

    Danke für Eure Meinung.