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    Das Update beinhaltet folgende Änderungen
    und Verbesserungen:

    Release Notes:
    - Menus now wrap correctly at the edges of the page
    - Bottom-aligned menus should now display correctly
    - Floating Box name changes are now handled correctly
    - Right-aligned menus should always be placed correctly now
    - Text alignment and cropping fixed in Netscape 4
    - Images on top level of menu should now load much faster
    - Performance of image preloading has been greatly improved
    - Images with upper case file name extensions now display properly in GoLive
    - Scroll to maintain relative position feature now works again in Netscape 4
    - Crashes when using "Insert MenuMachine Object" or "Fix Object Nesting" fixed
    - Major improvements to Fix Object Nesting command, should now work in many more situations
    - Fixed errors in IE4.5/Mac when clicking on menus
    - Fixed problems with menu display in Netscape 4 versions prior to 4.08
    - When going back in Opera, menu now draws itself correctly
    - Fixed errors that sometimes occurred when reloading a page in Opera
    - Lock MenuMachine now works in Netscape 4
    - Fixed right/bottom borders in some menu items in IE and Opera
    - Fixed Path encoding problems: now only required characters are encoded
    - Fixed multiple menu problems that occurred if last menu item had more than one submenu
    - Prevented Menu code from altering position of other page content in certain situations
    - Worked around memory leak in IE/Win, so menus should now build faster in that browser

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