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    Mads Rasmussens hat Erklärungen und Dateien zum Thema
    Actions für Beginner erstellt und stellt diese gegen eine
    Spende bei Roten Kreuz zur Verfügung, also wer Interesse

    "Adobe GoLive Actions for Newbies"

    The intention with is "book" is to provide newcomers and experienced GoLive
    users with a better understanding of the use of Actions in GoLive (GL) and
    better understanding on how the Script Library work.
    If you like to go in deeper with GL and have more samples. I suggest you
    purchase one of the great books written on GL 6.
    Many of the features will work in previous versions of GL.

    What it is.
    "Adobe GoLive Actions for Newbies" is a collection of HTML files, written
    in and for GoLive 6.0 + some samples on how to use Actions, some of the
    samples are for specific Actions.
    In short, a small book.

    The money will go to the Red Cross as a voluntary contribution. When you pay
    for "Adobe GoLive Actions for Newbies".

    When your payment notice is received you will get an email with the location
    of the compressed file (a direct URL) and a password for the file, so you
    can decompress the file on your HDD.

    Learn more here:

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