Kleine Anleitung zur Installation von Vista, und eine Frage!

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    also erstmal die frage: Habe Vista auf meinem Macbook installiert und alles läuft wunderbar! Habe nur ein klitzekleines Problem...der Treiber für die Grafikkarte, den Vista automatisch installiert, funktioniert einwandfrei, ich habe aero glass usw., nur einen externen Bildschirm erkennt der nicht...also habe ich die Treiber von der BootCamp Treiber CD extrahiert und diesen Grafikkartentreiber rübergespielt...jetzt funktioniert der zweite Bildschirm, aber Aero Glass ist fort!
    Das liegt wohl daran, das es spezielle Treiber für Aero gibt...hier meine Frage also: Ist es möglich, beides zu haben?? Aero Glass UND externen Bildschirm???
    Okay, Problem gelöst, man muss einfach windows update ausführen, dann lädt der neue treiber für die grafikkarte, funktioert jetzt alles!

    Jetzt die Anleitung. Nach der habe ich mein Vista installiert, ohne Probleme!
    Ist zwar auf Englisch, aber das wird ja für die meisten hier hoffenltich kein Problem sein...Also dann:

    So, those of you who like using public restrooms with no shoes on or licking a new york subway handrail might be interested on how to install windows vista on a macbook. This is not meant to be a tutorial, just some quick tips and heads up, it's really not so hard. If you have vista installed alread and just want have a right mouse button on your touchpad, scroll down to the end of this entry. If not, follow these instructions:
    1. While in OSX, start up the BootCamp assistant, burn the driver CD and allocate at least 20 gigabyte of harddrive space to use with Vista. It's gonna eat up 11 gigs right after the install.
    2. Insert your Vista DVD, reboot and hold down the alt key while your macbook reboots until you see two harddrives. Use the arrow keys to select the windows harddrive and press enter.
    3. Go through the Vista installation, it should all work fine. It's gonna feel weird, but it'll work.
    4. Start the Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP from the Drivers cd
    1. Go through the setup process. When asked whether to install unsigned drivers, select yes.
    2. You will see some errors, don't worry, the CD is for XP after all
    3. When you're finished, your keyboard should work properly (eject key, for example)
    5. It's now time to prepare the rest of the drivers for your macbook. Yay!
    1. Insert the driver disk you burned during step 1
    2. Launch Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Command Prompt
    3. You will see a black box with letters in it. Don't be scared.
    4. Type D: and press enter (assuming D is your CDROM drive)
    5. Now type "Install Macintosh Drivers for Windows XP".exe /V /a and hit enter. This will launch the installer to let you choose a directory that will then contain all the drivers. Vista will ask you if you intentionally launch that program. Let's click yes here. When prompted, enter c:\macbookdrivers and let the installer extract.
    6. Okay, good to install them now. Vista will tell you that it has found new hardware every once in a while. Tell it you have the drivers ready at a custom location, enter c:\macbookdrivers and let windows search for the correct driver.
    7. Launch Start-->Control Panel-->Hardware and Sound-->Device Manager
    1. You will see a big tree of devices. Expand all nodes by clicking the little + sign next to it.
    2. Go through the list and if you find an entry that has a little yellow icon with an exclamation point next to it.
    3. Double click one and select the Driver tab and click update drivers
    4. Choose Browse my computer for driver software
    5. Enter c:\macbookdrivers and make sure you have the Include subfolders checkbox checked
    6. Click next and go to step 7.1 while you see more than two nodes with the exclamation point
    Okay. Most of the stuff works now, including wireless, sound, apple keyboard. The only thing that's buggin me is the touchpad driver. No right click, no scrolling with two fingers. We can fix the right click though, so that it works by pressing the apple key and clicking, like in OSX with the ctrl key. We'll use a program called autohotkey which you might want to install at this point if you feel like hacking a bit.
    If you just want it to work right away, download this file (right click, save as) which is an autohotkey script to emulate the right mouse button of your macbook in vista. Now run the file, press the apple key and klick with the touchpad. This should emulate a right click. I chose to use the apple key instead of the control key, because in some applications the combination ctrl+left mouse button has another meaning, like in firefox where it opens a link in a new tab.
    Let me know how this works for you by writing a comment to this entry :)

    Do not install vista's driver update for your wireless card. It will stop working. If you have updated it already and it stopped working, just roll back the driver.
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