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Hi, all!

My wife is a XP user and she brought home DSL router from level one. Well, she want's to use internet also...Well, 3 problems arised...

While I was perfectly able to configure router and use it with the PC (no changes were made to network card configuration, IP and DNS are automatically assigned...) it is totally impossible to convice my iMac to go over the router. I could configure the router with the PC's browser over and this is smpossible with the iMac.

I configured my iMac with DHCP.

Nothing is wrong with the cables, they were tested by PC and it worked. I have MAC OS X 10.2.4.

I would be very happy if I could share files with the my wife's PC. Unfortunatelly, I cannot. "Connect to server" option in FInder doesn't find anything...
I don't have static IP on the PC, but it always works with another PC. Why shouldn't with the Mac?

It was a fun to setup LJ1100 over the router-printer server for a PC. Does anybody has any idea how to do it with the iMac????

Please, help.........

:( :( :( :(
First you have to check up if the IP of your iMac is in the same subnet as the router.
That means: router's IP =
iMac's IP = 192.168.0.x (x for 1-255)

If this is correct, please try to ping your router. Go to console on your iMac and type ping if there is a connection, you'll see current pingtimes.

If that was successful, try to add a DNS-server in network-settings of xour iMac. Without that you can't find any internet-sites.

For filesharing try to connect from your iMac by using the menu "go to server" in the finder and type in smb://192.158.0.x (x is the IP of the windows XP - pc). Type an existing username and existing password.
You have to share some files on your xp-machine, or you use smb://192.168.0.x/c$ to access the hdd named c:

Hope I could help a little bit.

Sorry for not perfect english...

Thanks, Homer,

I succeeded in connecting iMac and PC over DSL router to the Internet, I also connected iMac to PC and I'm able to see the shares on the PC, except the printer, which is shared over the shared port of the router/print server.

Even if that would work, I still don't believe it would be very easy to connect to the LJ1100.

If you have perhaps some idea about solving that problem, I would be very grateful...

Thanks again,,,

:) :) :)
Ah, you got it, cool.
So, what was it?!

To that printer:
Is it connected to the Router by USB / parallel - cable? -> router = printserver?

I'll try to share my brother-laser on the PC and to print on my iBook by using LAN tomorrow, so I can try to explain that step-by-step - IF it works ;)

I think thats nearly the same sharing like with your router/printserver is it?
Help me in that way: how did you install the printer on your XP-machine? Using network-printer in the printer-install???

Well, installing the LJ1100 on the Xp was fun. I got drivers on CD together with DSL router. These drivers installed so called shared port and then they let you assign a printer driver to it. XP notebook started to work immediately.

I still didn't try the story with iMac. You have basically one problem: how to use printer shared on the XP and I have another one: how to use printer, shared on a XP over the printer server shared port...Nice one...

I've heard (or probably read somewhere?) that Mac OS X has luckely CUPS (Common Unix Print System) already installed. The question is how to use it? With the help pf CUPS Macs with OS X can use the printers on the Windows machines for which OS X has no drivers at all. Mt case with LJ1100 is very similar.
I'll also try to figure something up and if you have any idea, please, share it...
Hm, I can just tell you that:

the printer has to be a pstscript-printer, that you can use it via LAN on the mac.
If you install the ps-drivers an share it, your mac SHOULD find it by setting up rendevouz in the printer-setup (in the programs/serviceprogs-folder).
I installed a ps-printer on my XP-machine, but it didn't work like this. But I read, that it SHOULD work like I wrote...

I'm sorry, that I can't help you more with this....

Just try....

Oben Unten