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    Es handelt sich um das script "Hiscore" mit dem man Highscores verwalten kann. Link
    Leider hab ich noch nicht genug checke davon wie ich sowas in eine Seite einbaue. In der Readme steht auch nichts darüber.

    Ich weiss vor allem nichts mit den Variablen und deren Werten anzufangen.

    Hier die Beschreibung des Programmierers:

    In order to use this script successfully you will need to set the
    variables below, to the ones correpsonding to your website.

    This script uses information sent to the page using POST or GET. In
    order for the script to work you must make the page calling the
    script set the variables correctly, they should be set like so:

    | Name | Value | Description |
    | a | NULL | Displays hiscore table|
    | a | 1 | Add new score |
    | g | GAME ID | numeric |
    | n | PLAYERS NAME | |
    | s | PLAYERS SCORE | |
    | h | L OR H | Low or High best? |

    The script automatically creates new game tables when you call the
    script from a trusted host with a new GAME ID which hasnt been used

    In order to delete entries from the database you need to call hiadmin.php
    from your website. This allows you delete individual games from the
    hiscore table. In order to use this file it needs to be uncommented, it
    is commented for security reasons, the file posseses no password protection
    so this is really only meant for occasional use so please do not leave the
    uncommented version on your web server!!

    It is not required to set h, it if is not set then the default will be
    assumed which is a normal hiscore table (decesending).

    Danke für alle Tips!

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