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    Hello u all

    i live in Germany and went down from cable to isdn :-(
    Pitty but true.
    My questions are:

    1 Is there a programm / software (for the mac ofcourse) that can pick out the cheapest internet by call provider (i ve seen it plenty voor the windooz gang )

    2 What is a cheap by call provider?

    3 Is there a programm software that count my online time or something like that.

    Please help me (i searched myself but did not find anything)

    Grettz from a Dutchman who lives now in Germany

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    Hello Berto,

    sad to hear from your downgrade. I know the problem of the ticking clock near to you while exploring the internet. Thanks godness this problem has gone since middle of 2001 ;)

    Unfortunately there is no least cost router for Mac OS X.

    Here you will find a overview of the available providers for internet by call. There you can see what amount you have to pay in which intervalls. The prices there are in cent per minute. For all proivders in this overview you don't have to register before. Just login and you will be charged with your next telephone bill. When you click on the name of an ISP, you will see detailed information. At the end of the page you see what number to choose for login and which username/password. ('beliebig' means: choose what you want ;) )

    Concerning showing the online time: best will be when you notice every session. I think there a programs, but i don't know the name(s). Maybe another user :)

    Hope my answers were useful to you.

    If there are more questions, just ask.

    Dirk (who hopes, that his english is not as bad as he suposed)
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    Least Cost Router

    Hello Berto,

    there is an Least Cost Router for Mac OS X.
    It´s and it´s free.
    You need Java 1.4.2 to install the slylcr.
    Hope i could have helped.

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