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    Mein 601. Posting und deshalb etwas Nettes, was ich gerade in den Apple Discussions gefunden habe. Leider hat man den Fred dort geschlossen, aber diesen kurzen Dialog muss man einfach für die Nachwelt sichern, denn in ein paar Tagen wird man den schon nicht mehr erreichen.

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    Topic: Beware of the 20" iMac!!!!!
    Kyle T
    True Story:

    I have been planning and debating for months now on getting either a mac mini or an iMac. After making various posts here and with the help of all you wonderful people here, I finally made my decision. The iMac 17". After saving up enough I was ready to order. I found out from a post here about the reconditioned iMacs and saw that it was cheaper than I expected. I placed the order and the Apple Store said it could not verify my card (debit card). Very fustrated as I tried over and over again. Next day called Apple they said the same thing. Turns out the purchase exceeded my daily spending limit. I wanted to order as soon as possible because I was going away for the weekend and wanted it to be here by the time I got back. On Friday before I was leaving to go on my out of town trip, I went on line to place my order and for some strange reason the internet was EXTREMELY SLOW. I was SOOO fustrated! I had to leave without making the order. When I got to my destination I saw there was a CompUSA there. So I decided to check it out. That was the mistake.

    I got in just before they closed. Went straight to the Apple section to see my future friend as I had never seen one in person. I thought the 17" iMac was just beautiful. I couldn't wait to get to my hotel and place my order (hoping the internet would work better there). After I finished playing with it for a while I was ready to go and that's when it happened! I turned around to leave and right there in front of me was the 20"! My mouth was to the floor!! A customer came to me to ask if I was alright. I could not believe how gorgeous that computer was. It was so huge compared to the 17". I was at a lost for words. I called my wife in to see and she looked even more stunned than me. Needless to say "I WANTED IT!!!" That night when I got to the hotel, I saw a reconditioned 20" iMac for $1,599! I placed my order and it should arrive tomorrow!

    So my warning is to all of you that are contemplating a 17" iMac. Do not look directly at a 20" or you will be hooked. It is just simply stunning! the last iMac G4's did not make that kind of impression on me when they went to 20". The pictures online do not give justice to the elegance of this machine.

    Sorry this was so long but just wanted to share my experience with everyone that helped me out.


    RE: Beware of the 20" iMac!!!!!
    I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you after you've been married for a while and then see another woman ;-)

    RE: Beware of the 20
    Kyle T
    Nah. I prefer my wife in the 17" size as opposed to the 20" size. As mentioned before, the difference is huge! :-D

    Original-Fred (bald verschwunden)

    Das ist doch mal eine Warnung...
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    Und wieso wurde der jetzt zensiert? :confused:
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    Das könnte jemand von Apple falsch verstanden haben, oder die Passage mit den Online Store wo das nicht geklappt hat war denen net so recht!
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