Unterschied zwischen "Little Snitch 1.2.2" und "Little Snitch 1.2.3"

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    ich habe bei mir "Little Snitch 1.2.2" installiert und habe gesehen, daß jetzt mittlerweile "Little Snitch 1.2.3" gibt.
    Wollte jetzt fragen, ob jemand weiß, was der Unterschied zwischen den beiden Versionen ist?
  2. irata

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    What's new in this version:

    This version of Little Snitch adds protection from a security vulnerability in Mac OS X for PowerPC where malicious applications could execute arbitrary program code in the context of other applications: "Code Injection Alert"
    The "Code Injection Alert" can now be switch on or off in the Little Snitch preferences.
    Fixed a bug which lead to wrong port names on Intel based Macs.
    Fixed a bug from the previous beta version 1.2.3b2 which could lead to a long delay after login.
    Fixed a bug which could lead to duplicate default rules.
    When you created a rule for "Same Port" from Little Snitch's alert panel, the rule was erroneously added for "Same Port and Protocol" to the rule set. This issue has been fixed.
    Protection against forced termination (kill) was broken on Intel processors. This issue has been fixed.

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