MacBook Pro: Preise in Deutschland?

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  1. Lzingano

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    Hi all

    i'm brazilian and am going to Germany in september, by an exchange. i gess i'm too bad in writing german, but i understand a lot.

    but let's go to the point: i wanted to know if students have disacounts in the price buyng a mac there? i wanted a macbook pro 15" or 17" (depending to the price) and if 15", with 160 gig HD.

    how much is the disacount? how much taxes do u have? about what it would cost?

    thx, and if u can write english, better to me :p

    [ ]'s, Leonardo Zingano
  2. Psybenzon

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    Buy a Mac in USA... is very cheaper!
  3. c0b41n

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    Hi there,

    if you are a student you´ll get discount of course. The discount is about 10% depares on the shop you by your device.

    Our VAT/Tax is 19% at present (will be the same in sep.).

    Prices including account:
    15" 160GB: 1890€
    17": 2580€

    I hope, that this information helped you.

    Best Regards,
  4. ynos

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    just a hint, companies get special deals up to 15 percent discount. Maybe you have some contacts to friends companies or so...
  5. Mai_Ke

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    Hello Lzingano. Welcome to the community.

    The prices for students depend on, which university you will go to.

    There's the 'normal' student price and one for universities that are member of the AOC programm.

    Last year (before increasing tax) the small 15'' was about 1650 Euro at AOC, if I remember right.
  6. Lor-Olli

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    if you are going to stay in germany just for a short while (exchange 6 - 12 months?), i think you can buy a computer without tax/vat in some stores. You will have to fill in a form that claims you are just visiting and that you will have to pay Tax/vat in your home country when going back. (As English and American soldiers can). Since I live in germany I'm not too familiar with this, but there should be information available at the german ZOLL.
    Or you can look it up under:

    For the purpose of exports between the Community and non-member countries, no VAT is charged on the transaction and the VAT already paid on the inputs of the good for export is deducted - this is an exemption with the right to deduct the input VAT, sometimes called 'zero-rating'. There is thus no residual VAT contained in the export price.

    Since this is a matter of the european union all/most forms and applications should be all european languages - also portuegese, if this is helpfull for you
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    Hallo, schöne Grüße nach Brasilien!! In welche Stadt gehts denn? Wünsche dir viel Spaß in Deutschland.
  8. ynos

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    Glaubst du, er würde in englisch schreiben, würde er deutsch verstehen? ;)
  9. stivi87

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  10. Xander

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    och ich denke diese einfachen deutschen Sätze wird er schon verstehen :)

    On Topic: In my opinion it would be cheaper for you when you buy your Mac book in the USA, as an other User jused wrote some posts ago
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