Konkurenz für iPod? Musikindustrie wächst bald wieder?

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    Hallo Zusammen

    Sitze gelangweilt im Office...:o hier aber noch zwei News auf Reuters bzw. Bloomberg:

    Anscheinend investiert ein pensionierter ex CEO von einer grossen Oeltanker Flotte in eine Firma die Software für "distributing music through the Internet" herstellt. Anscheinend ist er der grösste Investor in "MusicGremlin", so heisst die Firma. Ihr Ziel ist es Konkurenten von Apple's iPod Player mit der geeigneten Software auszustatten. Ihr grosses Versprechen: "let's just say ours has unique features that no other iPod or handheld device has today"

    Hört sich sehr krass an, ich glaube Apple muss aufpassen, vorallem wenn man hört wieviel Geld diese Firma zuverfügung hat: "The company raised a total of $1.5 Million from seven Investors"

    Desweiteren wird der iTunes Music Store Europa diesen Sommer erwartet...und die Platten Industrie sieht in iTMS und Konsorten und MP3 Players den langersehnten Aufschwung...

    16:41 16Jan2004 UPDATE 1-EMI charts higher as music industry finds its tune

    (Adds detail, updates stock price)
    By Bernhard Warner and Adam Pasick
    LONDON, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Investors are piling into EMI <EMI.L> on new evidence that the global music industry is on the comeback trail, but some analysts fear the rally could be a one-hit wonder.
    On Friday, Goldman Sachs and UBS Warburg both raised their ratings on EMI, the world's largest publicly traded stand-alone music company, in a rare vote of confidence for the downtrodden sector.
    EMI's stock climbed more than nine percent to 232 pence by 1523 GMT, and has soared more than 40 percent since the beginning of the year, bolstered by a report that discounted CD prices pushed UK album sales up 7.6 percent in 2003.
    "We believe there is a chance MP3 players, as a new format, along with litigation to attack privacy, can help drive growth again for the industry," Goldman Sachs said in its research note.
    The industry's twin strategy of launching improved online music stores and aggressively targeting illicit downloaders through lawsuits has already reaped dividends in the United States, with fewer users at free file-sharing services like Kazaa and more at Apple Computer's <AAPL.O> iTunes music store.
    Europe may not be far behind, with the launch of iTunes expected by summer and the British Phonographic Industry mulling a volley of lawsuits of its own.
    Analysts say it is far too early to call the end of online piracy. Evidence on file-sharing usage has been contradictory, and a recent U.S. legal decision in favour of an Internet service provider could make it more problematic for record companies there to prosecute file sharers.
    "Some people will draw good news from the fact there is something positive to say about the download of music," said Simon Dyson, an analyst with London-based consultancy the Informa Media Group. "But when it comes down to it, the most positive news will come from whether sales actually turn around.
    Global recorded music sales are expected to fall for a fourth straight year in 2004.
    But few are disputing the encouraging early download sales figures from online music stores such as iTunes, Roxio's <ROXI.O> Napster and RealNetworks' <RNWK.O> Liquid Audio.
    On Thursday, Universal Music's Larry Kenswil said the download business was "exploding", with 30 million downloads sold in the U.S. last year and more users joining each week.

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    Ich glaube nicht daran, dass man den iPod so schnell verdrängen kann. Auch wenn es gewagt ist, so möchte ich doch behaupten, dass der iPod sowas wie einen Quasi-Standard definiert. Und nun stellt euch doch mal vor, jede Music-Company schustert sich ihren eigenen Endgerätestandard zurecht?

    Das wird doch eh nichts ...
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    Vorallem nicht mit einem 1.5 Millionen Dollar investment....:D
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