Hilfe suche fur T-online 16000

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  1. micky744

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    Hello every body

    Due to my bad german I will post this in english. I hope someone can help me out.
    Thanks to the great support and professionality of T-online personal, I should have the new 16000 DSL but I'm not able to connect.

    Today they told me that maybe a need to adjourn my modem (SpeedportW500V....I guess), but since I have no more connection (I come from the 2000 DSL and they stated that I should keep all my network components as they were) I do not know what to do.

    Add that T-online technician are not helping at all and when I tell them I have a Mac, the communication suddenly interrupts........it is one week I'm paying for a service I'm not getting.

    So please someone can help me (step by step more or less) in going through the newconnection?


  2. .mac

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    please check this first: is your router capable for adsl2+ standard? if you do not know, please check your router for an LED "t-dsl" or "dsl". it should not flash or something, it should light up steady. if it doesnt light up, you will have to call t-com service again. what LEDs work at all?

    a hint: dont tell the tcom service about your mac. AFAIK the speedport thing is a router, so the router needs to be configured, not the mac. the login codes need to be written to the router ROM, not at the mac. can you connect to the routers web-interface?

    excuse me for my faulty english :cool:

    EDIT: OK, i used google a bit and it seems, the speedport 500v needs the last firmware update to work with adsl2+ (your dsl 16000). do you have it applied? the last one on t-com site is version 1.30
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  3. micky744

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    Hello again

    No I did not download and installed the last firmware (ah ah ah without internet I can not download it at home). Actuallz I'm in Amsterdam for work and my girlfriend is at home in Germany can not connect to internet and then download the firmware and install it. As usual t-online is unuseful......why they did not tell us to download the firmware?

    So actually, after I download the firmware what should I do to install it on the router? It is a zip or binary file I can not open correctly with mac. And yes I can reach the web interface of the router that works fine only with firefox

    Waiting for replies!

    Thank you for the first one!
  4. weber

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    Good morning!
    Where do you live in germany? There is maybe a friendly macuser who can send you that firmware update..;)

    I had the same problems with my Speedport W500V. After the firmewareupdate everything works great!
  5. pc-bastler

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    You also can download the firmware here: http://www2.hilfe.t-online.de/dyn/c/65/34/46/6534464.html

    But it's said on that page that you have to instal that firmware BEFORE it is switched to dsl16000.

    Give it a try, install the firmware and try to connect.
  6. micky744

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    OK OK
    Thanks for the suggestion, but the main problem is that I can not download the firmware since I'm not connected........My home is wireless (on the bad meaning.....I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET at least someone can send me by regular mail a CD with the firmware)......

    Anyway could you pleas enlight me to what to do after I have the firmware? I can install the firmware on the router?

  7. .mac

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    There is a How-to pdf included in the Firmware Zip File, unfortunately for you in german.
  8. Blackwatch

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    Hello, where do you life?
    A T-Punkt Service point near there?
  9. micky744

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    Hello Guys

    Thanks for helping me out.

    Actually to install the firmware was easy.

    Now I got internet connection and so on. Small problem though......I do not remember how to activate the WLAN. I'm connected with a cable, but since at home there are two laptops I would really like to start a WLAN at home.

    Anyone can refresh my memory on the few first steps?


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