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    nutze Toast 6.0.9. Was soweit auch klappt. Dort integriert ist ja Deja Vu 3.03. Unter Tiger zeigt mir Deja Vu 3.03 keinen Fortschrittsbalken mehr an. Ich starte also eben noch mal Deja Vu und voila! Es gibt ne neue Version, die Tiger-kompatibel ist! Ganz unten steht was zu Upgrade, Sollte ich das installieren können ohne dass für mich ne Trial Version draus wird oder warten bis es ne neue Toast Version gibt, mit aktualisiertem Deja Vu?
    P.S.: Habe die Meldung mal angefügt
    Déjà Vu 3.1

    Panther Users: Deja Vu 3.1 requires Tiger. (You may wish to disable automatic update checking in the Options -> Notifications tab.)

    - Tiger compatibility
    - Added support for versioned backups. (See the new Safety Net tab.) When Safety Net is enabled, changed and/or deleted files will be archived in the Safety Net folder. You can keep as many of these archives as you like, which will allow you to go back and retrieve a document as it existed, say, three days or three weeks ago. The file 'Index.txt' (found in the Safety Net folder), provides a full index of all archived files, and specifies which archive(s) each file may be found in. NOTE: Safety Net currently will not work if the entire startup disk is selected as the source.
    - When performing scheduled backups, Deja Vu can now optionally wait for a period of 5 minutes of user inactivity before beginning the backup. (See the 'Schedules' tab.)
    - Added support for preflight and postflight (before and after backup) scripts. Deja Vu will look inside "/Library/Application Support/Deja Vu" for the following executable scripts and run them if they exist, thus allowing you to perform additional actions as needed before and/or after the backup:

    Daily Backups: 'daily_preflight' and/or 'daily_postflight'
    Weekly Backups: 'weekly_preflight' and/or 'weekly_postflight'
    Monthly Backups: 'monthly_preflight' and/or 'monthly_postflight'
    Manual Backups: 'manual_preflight' and/or 'manual_postflight'

    (These can be shell scripts, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc. -- any script that can be run from a Terminal window.)
    - Added a check to prevent simultaneous backups.
    - Added Russian localization (thanks to Alexander Tokarev).
    - Updated Dutch, Italian and Japanese localizations.
    - Miscellaneous changes and fixes.

    Known Issues:

    - Keychain Scripting (accessing the keychain via AppleScript) seems to have become somewhat unreliable in Tiger. As a result, you may find the Auto-Connect feature of Deja Vu to be unreliable. If it refuses to connect to the server, a system restart may solve the problem.

    Registered Users:
    Deja Vu 3.x is a free upgrade for those who registered an older version after March 31st, 2004. Otherwise, there is an upgrade fee of US 9.95. A new trial period will begin after version 3.x has been installed.
  2. ploiero

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    niemand ne Idee oder falsches Forum?
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